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Smart Sensors for connected agriculture

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For greenhouse or field agriculture, the optimization of more reliable, predictive, and ecological agriculture requires ever more sophisticated connected sensors.

  • Spectral or optical measurements (colorimetry, spectrometer, or hyperspectral camera) have many advantages for being used remotely. We can obtain information on the ripeness of fruits and crops, on the chemical composition of the soil or water. Spectral cameras can be installed on drones or poles directly in the crops in order to obtain a fast, precise, and live diagnosis of the growth state.

  • Several sensing techniques could be implemented for stress measurement caused by heat or water stress.

  • Gas sensor is essential for greenhouse control measurement but also for safety issue.

  • Water analysis: pH, ORP, conductivity, pesticide level, nutrient level require chemistry knowledge that has been developed by our team.

All these measurements could be linked to a cloud-based control system when integrated with the right wireless technology: ask us which connectivity is weel-adapted for your need.

Spectral measurement

  • Hyperspectral camera

  • Spectrophotometry

  • Fruit ripeness

  • NPK sensor

Farmer using digital tablet control robo

Stress measurement

  • Water stress

  • Heat stress

  • photosynthetic activity

Corn plant damaged by stress environment
Dual Carbon Monoxide Sensor Gas Leak LPG

Gas sensor

  • CO2 sensor

  • humidity

  • Odor measurement


Water sensor

  • pH, ORP

  • Conductivity

  • Pesticide measurement

  • Turbidity

Whether you have a dedicated engineering team or not, we will be happy to hear from you. We would be glad to help you or take charge of part of your project in order to achieve your innovation goals!