Transparent Contact lens sensor: towards smart tears sensing

transparent electrochemical sensor based on nanowire electrode


Continuous analysis of vital parameters in people, whether they are healthy or not, is complementary to laboratory checkups. The use of sensors for continuous measurements is more responsive to fast fluctuations and selective biological parameters variations. Continuous glucose analysis is a concrete example of the usefulness of such sensors. In recent years, the integration of sensors for contact lenses has become of great interest. The analysis of tears in the eyes is only at its beginnings but is gaining interest by all the possibilities available to us. Tears contain not only water and salts, but also very complex proteins, enzymes, polysaccharides and lipids. Tears contain a wealth of information about our health; the challenge is how to detect and integrate these sensors.


In collaboration with Prof. Izquierdo research group, Kynze has combined its expertise in electrochemical sensors and nanotechnology to create a completely transparent sensor for the chemical and biochemical analysis of tears in the eyes. As a proof of concept, we manufactured and tested a transparent oxygen sensor totally based on metallic nanowires.

The use of metal nanowires provides a transparent and highly conductive electrodes. The interweaving of nanowires maintains the conductivity of the electrodes but also creates an extremely porous structure which significantly increases the detection surface. In this way, we get a highly sensitive electrode structure detection.


This transparent sensor concept suits other types of electrochemical detection to detect more molecules. Several nanomaterials can be used to meet the requirements. This sensor consists of gold and silver nanomaterial electrodes. Gold was chosen for the counter electrode (CE), silver / silver chloride (Ag / AgCl) for the reference (REF) and silver (Ag) for the working electrode (WE). The manufacturing process that has been developed offers the possibility of obtaining several materials depending on the application.


Kynze develops sensors and technologies that adapt to the challenges of tomorrow. Flexibility, transparency and sensitivity are all properties that may be useful for your applications.

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Keywords : electrochemical sensor, tears sensor, nanowire electrode, flexible transparent sensor, kynze.