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Kynze is one of the only firms in Canada, if not the world, capable of working with radar technology. This will undoubtedly revolutionize the IoT over the next few years, just like Bluetooth at the time.

What can we do with radars? In fact, it's simple: everything! The applications range from security to the connected home, including biomedical and connected objects... Just to name a few.


And why would anyone want to work with radars? Generally speaking, there are four main benefits for doing so:

  • Application flexibility

  • Resistance to harsh environments

  • Material penetration

  • Detection precision

Radar Technology

radar smat city

Radar Technology

Find out why radar technology is the next big thing in our field.


3 Concrete Radar Technology Applications

Level Measurement

Radar technology is very suitable for measuring liquid levels. The RF signal passes through the plastic materials to measure the reflected signal with great precision.

Radars are very advantageous for measuring the thickness of snow, liquid / chemical products of containers for real-time monitoring.

Vital Sign Measurement

The precision measurement of FMCW radars allows remote, or near-contact, analysis of vital parameters such as respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.

Presence Detection

(Point-cloud imaging)

FMCW radars are an advantageous technology for detecting the presence of people through walls while respecting privacy (no cameras!).

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